Foot pain is one of the worst things to deal with. No matter where it’s stemming from, it’ll disrupt your daily life. Making even the simplest activities irritating. But finding a treatment that makes a difference can be even more difficult.

That’s why so many patients have relied on surgery to solve their foot issues. These procedures can resolve all kinds of foot pain and problems.

For those suffering from this kind of pain, it can feel really hopeless when nothing is working. Check out this guide of the most common foot surgery types to see if there’s an option for you.

Repairing a Tendon Tear

Tendons are a key piece to making sure your foot and ankle work the way they should. Damage to the tendon means more inflammation and more painful movement.

In some cases, where a tear has happened, surgery is needed for repair. After the surgeon has repaired the injury, the patient will need physical therapy and time to heal completely. But they should be able to return to past activities without issue after that.

Removing a Bunion

Not all foot injuries come on as suddenly as a tendon tear. Some, like bunions, form over a long period of time a bit at a time. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less disruptive to daily life.

A bunion is a bump that grows on the outside of the foot. It makes wearing shoes uncomfortable and sometimes impossible.

For some, surgery is needed to remove the bunion. And sometimes a little foot reconstruction of the toes will happen as well. Then the patient can wear whatever they want!

Plantar Fasciitis Reversal

Many patients have a lot of pain stemming from the bottom of their feet. So much so that even the most basic activity, like walking, can be excruciating.

The most common cause is plantar fasciitis. This is where the thick band of tissue on the bottom of your foot becomes irritated. There are many ways to relieve that pain. When nothing else is working, surgery can be performed to release the swelling.

Ankle Fusion to Reduce Pain

Ankle surgery is good for some extreme cases of arthritis. As one of the worst ankle ailments, arthritis can be very hard to cure completely.

An ankle fusion eliminates the point of friction causing those issues. After a full recovery period, a patient should see typical movement without the added. pain.

Everything to Know About the Most Common Foot Surgery Types

Understanding the most common foot surgery types can help you see what kind of treatment is possible. But there are many more options performed every day.

The best thing you can do when suffering from any kind of foot condition is to see a specialist. A clinic specializing in foot issues will be your best bet for finding relief.

At Flint Foot and Ankle Institute, we care about getting our patients as healthy as possible. We’re experts in a variety of conditions and are ready to help you. Schedule an appointment to see one of our doctors today!

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